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Other E-Resources in Biological Sciences

Subject Librarian: Susan Kendall   


free resource (about) Best Bets: Biological Sciences


MSU only (about) AGRICOLA
MSU only (about) Applied Science & Technology Full Text
free resource (about) Aquatic Plant Information Retrieval System (APIRS)
MSU only (about) Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts
MSU only (about) Biological & Agricultural Index Plus
MSU only (about) Biological Abstracts
MSU only (about) BioMed Central
MSU only (about) BIOSIS Citation Index
MSU only (about) CAB Reviews
MSU only (about) Conference Papers Index
MSU only (about) Conference Proceedings Citation Index™ – Science (CPCI-S)
MSU only (about) Current Contents Connect
MSU only (about) Data Citation Index
MSU only (about) Essential Science Indicators
MSU only (about) F1000.com
MSU only (about) Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)
free resource (about) Freshwater Forum
MSU only (about) Garden, Landscape and Horticulture Index
MSU only (about) General Science Full Text
MSU only (about) Journal Citation Reports, Science and Social Science
MSU only (about) JSTOR Global Plants
MSU only (about) KCI Korean Journal Database
MSU only (about) Knovel Life Sciences, Chemistry, Food Science & Metals/Metallurgy Collection
MSU only (about) MEDLINE (on FirstSearch)
MSU only (about) Medline (on Web of Science)
MSU only (about) MEDLINE from PubMED
free resource (about) NTIS National Technical Information Service Index, 1964-present
MSU only (about) Oceanic Abstracts
MSU only (about) Plant Management Network Partner Products, Services, and Websites
MSU only (about) Pollution Abstracts
MSU only (about) PubMed
MSU only (about) SciELO Citation Index
MSU only (about) Science Citation Index Expanded
MSU only (about) ScienceDirect
MSU only (about) SciFinder
MSU only (about) Scopus
MSU only (about) SpringerLink
free resource (about) Toxicity Reference Database (ToxRefDB)--from the EPA
free resource (about) Toxnet
Michigan eLibrary (about) Turfgrass Information File
MSU only (about) Water Resources Abstracts
MSU only (about) Web of Science
MSU only (about) Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide
MSU only (about) Wiley Current Protocols Online
MSU only (about) Wiley Online Library
MSU only (about) Zoological Record

Texts and Links

MSU only (about) BioOne
MSU only (about) Birds of North America
MSU only (about) Cambridge Structural Database
free resource (about) CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool
MSU only (about) Dictionary of Plant Sciences, 2nd ed.
MSU only (about) Distribution Maps of Plant Diseases
MSU only (about) EcoSal
MSU only (about) Encyclopedia of Bioethics
MSU only (about) Encyclopedia of Forest Sciences
MSU only (about) Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
MSU only (about) Fungicide and Nematicide Tests
free resource (about) Quantitative Fisheries Center Technical Reports
MSU only (about) Springer Protocols
MSU only (about) Synthesis Biomedical Engineering Collections
MSU only (about) Wiley Current Protocols Online

Primary Source

MSU only (about) Plant Disease Management Reports

Data and Statistics

MSU only (about) Data Citation Index
free resource (about) FishBase
free resource (about) National Invasive Species Information Center
free resource (about) Toxicity Reference Database (ToxRefDB)--from the EPA

Research Guide

free resource (about) Agriculture Experiment Station Documents - Search Strategies
free resource (about) Amino Acids Pathfinder
free resource (about) Best Bets: Biological Sciences
free resource (about) Biological Science Careers Resources
free resource (about) Botany Research Guide
free resource (about) Charles Darwin Research Guide
free resource (about) Endangered and Invasive Species Research Guide
free resource (about) How do I know which database to search for biological literature?
free resource (about) Laboratory Protocols for the Biological Sciences
free resource (about) Library Resources for Biostatistics
free resource (about) Library Resources for Fisheries and Wildlife
free resource (about) Michigan Crops
free resource (about) MSU Campus Plants Research Guide
free resource (about) PubMed, Web of Science, or Google Scholar? A behind-the-scenes guide for life scientists
free resource (about) Researching Controversial Topics in Biotechnology

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