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A-Z Title List of Electronic Journals

Electronic Journals provide access to the full text of thousands of journals and magazines available through the MSU Libraries. You may also wish to check the library catalog for information on both print and electronic journals available at MSU. To find journal articles by topic, please consult an Index.

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Important Information About This Site

[IMPORTANT INFO] For several years, the MSU Libraries have maintained two electronic journal lists at this site.
The older list ("E-Journal Titles") included journals from publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley, as well as some freely accessible journals. The newer list ("A-Z Title List of Electronic Journals") includes these same journals, as well as additional journal and newspaper content from our large “aggregator” databases such as Academic OneFile and LexisNexis Academic. This A-Z list contains links to over 40,000 unique titles, while the older list contained less than 13,000 titles. In the interest of providing the most comprehensive listing of electronic journals, the MSU Libraries will no longer maintain the less complete older list, which represented only about a third of the journal content available to our users.

The A-Z list also provides an option to browse journal titles by subject, but it will no longer be possible to include journals in the subject drop-down list used for other types of electronic resources such as Indexes. We believe that while this may at first present some inconvenience for those accustomed to retrieving journals from the familiar subject drop-down, the benefits of accessing a comprehensive electronic journal list will quickly become apparent. Other sections of the Electronic Resources site are not changing at this time.

The journals available through this site are also contained in the library catalog, which also provides information on print journals available through the Libraries. This site provides a convenient access point for the thousands of electronic journals available to the MSU community.

The data used to construct this site is provided by the Libraries' subscription to the Serials Solutions service.

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