Michigan State University

Access availability

Due to licensing requirements, access to some resources is restricted:
  • Resources marked with an MSU only icon are restricted to people who are either on campus, or associated with MSU. People off campus will be routed to an intermediate page to enter their MSU NetID and password. Entering this password once will allow access to all of the MSU Libraries' IP-restricted resources, as well as other MSU "Single Sign On" services such as the Course Management System and the "View Your Library Account" section of the library catalog. This access will last until your browser's cookies are cleared, or until you log off from a service that uses Single Sign On.
  • Resources marked with an Michigan eLibrary are part of the Michigan eLibrary (MeL). MSU users see instructions for IP above. Other Michigan users may access through MeL Magazines, Newspapers and more at http://elibrary.mel.org/search
  • Resources marked with a free resource are available to everyone on the Internet.
  • Resources marked with a campus only are restricted to Campus locations. Off-campus access is not available for these resources.
  • Resources marked with a local resource are local resources and can only be accessed in the Libraries.